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Credit Union and Church

Self Reliance Baltimore Federal Credit Union was chartered on September 12, 1955 by dedicated volunteers who arrived in the United States after World War II. These immigrants integrated into established Ukrainian communities and in the early 1950’s founded the Self Reliance Association and started forming credit unions for people of Ukrainian descent. These pioneers were laying the framework of a financial base for the continuance of the Ukrainian diaspora.

In 1955, the Ukrainian community of Baltimore formed the Self Reliance Association of American Ukrainians. Their main priority was to form a credit union to meet the financial needs of the local Ukrainian community. The first credit union office was located on Gough Street with office hours on Fridays from 7 to 9 PM. In 1957, the credit union moved to a 2-room office located at 239 South Broadway where the credit union remained until the current location was dedicated in September 2001.

Self Reliance Baltimore Federal Credit Union slowly, steadily became an important part of the local Ukrainian community. Its success meant the financial success of its members and the Baltimore community.

The Metropolitan Washington Ukrainian community joined the ranks of many other cities with Ukrainian credit unions when, in late November 1981, the Metro DC Ukrainian Federal Credit Union was organized. It was re-chartered as the Ukrainian Washington FCU on October 22, 1982.

The credit union was founded on a religious association with the three parishes in Washington, DC (the Ukrainian Catholic National Shrine of the Holy Family, Holy Trinity Ukrainian Catholic Particular Church, and St Andrew’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church) as the sponsoring organizations. The credit union office was located with the Shrine Center at 4250 Harewood Road, NE, Washington, D.C. with operating hours on Sundays after both liturgies. The credit union provided another means for Ukrainians in the Washington area to associate as a group.

With the merger of these two credit unions on May 31, 2008, the field of membership of the combined credit union was expanded to include St Michael Ukrainian Catholic Church in Baltimore in addition to the Washington DC sponsors.

Throughout its history, the credit union has not only helped its members better their financial lives but it also has given back to the Ukrainian Community of the Baltimore and Washington Metropolitan Areas in forms of donations to Ukrainian churches, youth groups, and civic organizations.

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